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Alex Shaw

Meet Alex Shaw, our resident speed demon. With a lifelong passion for everything on wheels, Alex brings an infectious enthusiasm to UTV Drive. From dissecting the latest racing trends to exploring the inner workings of high-performance engines, Alex's articles are a thrilling ride through the world of motorsports. Join him as he revs up the excitement and takes you on a journey where every gear shift is a celebration of speed and precision.

In a nod to its legendary roots, AC has pulled the wraps off its latest creation – the Cobra GT Roadster. This isn’t just another replica; it’s a meticulously designed and built masterpiece by AC itself. Priced at £240,000, this modern-day Cobra promises an authentic ‘60s experience with a contemporary twist. The GT Roadster’s carbon-fibre-clad exterior pays homage to the iconic original, albeit with a modern touch. Sporting massive 21-inch wheels and an extended cabin, accommodating even drivers towering over 6 feet, AC has redefined the classic design for today’s performance standards. Beneath its skin lies a bespoke extruded aluminium…

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Lamborghini, the flamboyant maestro of Italian supercars, is celebrating a historic triumph, as the marque danced over the 10,000-car finish line in global sales for the year 2023. This milestone is no mere victory lap but a symphony of success, marking the first time in the iconic brand’s 60-year history that it has eclipsed the five-figure threshold. The roaring success came on the wings of 10,112 Lamborghinis thundering across the globe, with the majestic Urus SUV leading the charge by accounting for a resounding 6,087 of those deliveries. While selling 10,000 cars may seem like a Tuesday stroll for automotive…

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In the lexicon of Lexus discussions, the mention of the iconic LFA, with its V10 prowess, often takes centre stage. However, amidst the more commonplace conversations surrounding the brand’s SUVs, there exists an understated contender that encapsulates the true spirit of Lexus — the enigmatic LC500. Understanding Lexus as a brand can often feel like deciphering a cryptic code, and its appeal may not always be immediately apparent. Yet, in the form of the LC500, there emerges a vehicle that not only defies conventional expectations but also embodies the quintessence of Lexus values. This takes on added significance as Lexus…

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