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In a bid to outsmart the TikTok-inspired theft spree that plagued the latter part of 2021, Kia is hitting back with a practical solution – ignition guards. No Hollywood-style drama here, just Kia taking a stand against the notorious Kia Boyz and their sticky-fingered antics. After weathering a storm of customer grievances, legal battles, and likely more than a few headaches caused by the TikTok trend, Kia is now deploying an extra layer of defence for owners of its more pilferable vehicles – an ignition cylinder protector. But hold on, it’s not a universal fix, and not everyone will be…

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Amid rumours and speculations surrounding the electric vehicle (EV) market slowdown, our forecast for the coming year reveals an electrifying truth – EV sales are set to charge ahead in 2024! Contrary to the gloomy headlines, last year witnessed record-breaking EV sales in the United States, both in sheer numbers and as a percentage of the new car market. Global sales mirrored this trend, with EVs accounting for a whopping 8.8 percent of the total 15.5 million vehicles sold in 2023, according to the EV Sales Tracker from EVadoption. But what about the alleged downturn? Well, it seems some misunderstandings…

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Over a billion cars on our roads are guzzling petrol to propel themselves forward. The guts of these vehicles rest upon the time-tested principles of internal combustion engines, a technology that’s been holding steady for nearly 150 years. However, the science propelling our wheels forward is far from straightforward. Enter the four-stroke engine, the brainchild of Nikolaus Otto, a 19th-century innovator. It’s a mechanical ballet inside a series of cylinders, each containing a piston. As the piston gracefully descends, it inhales a concoction of air and petrol – a mix of hydrocarbons and additives designed to safeguard the engine. Rising…

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